Panornor Panornor was founded in 1996 with a mission to feed the nation 

We have consistently delivered on our promises to feed the Nigerian population through food retail and the sales of our farm products.

At Panornor Panornor, we value our customers and we ensure we give them the best against all odds.

The vision is to gradually become the biggest player in the food retail industry in Nigeria.


A lifetime of combined experience & expertise in foodservice

Although the company was established in 1996, the owners have a strong family background in farming, grocery and meat retail. The undying passion for making food readily available to people made the family combine their experiences to give birth to Panornor Panornor Nigeria Limited. 

What makes us the best?

We thrive to always be the pioneering retailer of innovative food products in Nigeria. We do this in different ways including entering into key partnerships that continuously introduce high-quality but low-cost products to the market.

We have stores and warehouses in strategic locations to ensure an easy market reach. Through our mobile stores, we make sure that location is never a barrier to putting good food on the table for anyone.